What is a Yanky?

It’s the Original Sport Hanky™. It’s a hanky that you yank. Hanky + yank = Yanky.


How do you pronounce it?

1) yan·ky. 2) /ˈyaNGkē/


What is it used for?

It’s an easy & more considerate way to deal with your runny nose and sweat.


What is the fabric made of?

Our material of choice is a bamboo/organic blend. Not only are these fibres an environmentally friendly option, together they are super absorbent, quick dry, soft, durable and wrinkle-resistant.


How do you use it?

Clip it. Yank it. Wipe it.


Do I really need a Yanky?

No, you don’t NEED a Yanky. Just like you don’t need sneakers to run or a fishing rod to catch fish, having the right equipment makes things more enjoyable.


Ok, I get it, but why not continue wiping with my sleeve or my hand?

The Yanky is more refined than your sleeve. More absorbent than your hand.™


You seem to have something against people wiping their nose with their mittens or gloves. Why?

We don’t have anything against mittens or gloves, in fact, where we live, we need to wear them for 4 months of the year to stay warm. Most gloves or mittens are not intended to be used as nose wipe – but before the Yanky came along, options were limited and people walked around with snot encrusted hand warmers all winter long. We actually think mittens and gloves should be used for their original intent, to keep your hands warm. That’s all. Leave the rest to us.


Where is it made?

The Yanky is created, designed and made with pride in Canada.


Do you have a CA Number?

First of all, how do you know what a CA number is? Anyway, yes we do. CA 61300. Thanks for asking!


Are your a member of your local chamber of commerce or board of trade?