Yanky. Why?


I don’t know about you, but when I run, or even think about doing any form of exercise, my nose runs. And I sweat. A lot.

The idea came to me during the summer of 2011, while training for my first ever marathon, in Chicago. Organizers were expecting over 45,000 participants and approximately 1.6 million spectators so I thought “I can’t be wiping my nose on my sleeve (wait a minute, singlets don’t have sleeves) and kleenex gets wet, soggy and I cant litter (wait a minute, I don’t have pockets in my shorts to carry kleenex anyway) and I can’t launch snot rockets, surely I’ll hit someone!

So then what?

Within a few days of long training runs, the first prototype was conceived, and well, here we are.

Our fabric of choice is a Bamboo/Organic cotton blend. The Yanky is super absorbent and very very quick dry, soft and durable! The fabric is attached via a quick release buckle to a retractable reel + you clip the reel to your shorts, running tights, fuel belt, hydration pack, etc and when you need to give your little nose a wipe, or wipe the sweat off our brow, you just give it a yank, wipe and forget it!


Just Yank It, and see for yourself!


Ryan Jacobson

Founder, Yanky Sports International Inc.